Favorite Reads of 2017


There are seven books in this seres, and I love each book more than the last. They’re available on audio, and I love the narrator – Jan Cramer. If you’re into crime thrillers, and badass damaged chicks, then these are amazing. There’s no romance, so these are a great escape.

This series is phenomenally written by a former attorney so it feels real without it being overly informative. Tracy is one of my favorite heroines with a tragic past that somehow manages to find love. The romance progresses throughout the series, so it keeps you guessing. Currently there are 5 books in this series with a 6th releasing this summer.

Most people read this book when it came out in 2013, but I like to procrastinate. This is a 3 book series about a detective that’s falling apart right as he takes on the biggest case of his life. It’s written by JK Rowling under a pen name… so if you’re a fan of her world building you’ll appreciate this. It’s layered and detailed, but not slow. Bonus; the series is coming to HBO this summer… along with a 4th book!

This book stayed with me for weeks. It’s about a woman was kidnapped and then escaped and her memories of her time in captivity. It’s so well written, that when she’s describing what happened to her, I felt like I was there with her. It’s disturbing in places, but that didn’t stop how fast I turned the pages. I didn’t figure out the twist at the end, so that to me made it a winning mystery.

This was a dark story about a woman who was abducted, and then a year later is telling her therapist the things that happened to her. She’s trying to piece her life from before back together, while also repressing memories that are trying to come out. Chevy Stephens is a great writer, and the audiobook narrator on this one was fantastic. This story broke my heart, but also showed me how you can have hope in horrible circumstances.

Podcast I loved in 2017

🔊 My Favorite Murder – if you’re into True Crime, girl talk, and laughing, then this is for you! It’s smart, scary, and hella-fun. My favorite podcast to listen to while cleaning the house. (they just hit their 100th episode)

🔊 In the Dark – this one was really heavy, but I loved it. It’s a short series about a child abduction and how the family copes in the aftermath. I’d recommend it to anyone that likes true crime and the process of solving one.

🔊 Dirty John – this podcast was recommended to me by two different friends on the same night. It’s a wild story that’s over-the-top about a woman being taken advantage of from a con-man. It’s crazy, and the story is almost unbelievable, but it’s true! If you like housewives stuff, then you’ll love the drama it has to offer.



  1. victoria Mccallum said:

    I have read 5 of these J S scott C A Rose Jessica Claire and Aurora Rose Reynolds Loved them all


  2. Brigitte Crozier said:

    A lot of Melissa K’s faves were mine too. This has to be the 5th or 6th time I’ve seen What The Hail by Lani Lynn Vale. Same with The Wolf King’s Mate. I give up. I’ll read them 🙂


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