Abby Knox & Alexa Riley


Take Me Home by Abby Knox

Maggie Jensen just wanted to go back home to get her head straight. But a surprising handsome stranger has taken over her childhood farm. It doesn’t take long before he makes her head spin even more.

Jackson Clay had finally found the perfect farm to achieve his dreams and settle into bachelorhood. But a sassy new farmhand makes his life feel anything but settled.


Cowboys & Virgins by Alexa Riley

The title says it all! This bundle includes dirty alpha cowboys, innocent virgins ready to ride, and lots of ridiculous steam to heat up those sweet country nights.

We’ve packaged Lassoing the Virgin Mail-Order Bride, Branding the Virgin, Roping the Virgin, The Wanted Virgin, and The Virgin Cowboy all in one!

If you’ve never saddled up with our boys in Texas, now is your chance! They’re hot, dirty, and wear tight jeans. What’s not to love?

Warning: This bundle doesn’t contain any new material, but it does contain a whole lot of sassy heroines with lots of curves! Get all of our cowboy books in one stop, and binge read your old favorites. Happy trails!


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Can’t get enough Cowboys? We’ve got you covered! Saddle up for list of our most favorite dirty riders!

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