Back List Bundle

Books in the Back List Bundle


Owning the Beast

Their StepSister

The Virgin Duet

My New StepDad

Ps, You’re Mine


Trailer Park Virgin

Snow and Mistletoe

Guarding His Obsession

Tempting the Law


Holding His Forever




Lassoing the Virgin

Shielding Lily

Paid For

Halloween Treats

Wanting My Stepsister

Paying Daddy’s Debt

Stealing Christmas

Her Touch

His Touch


Beauty in Winter

Flight Risk


Law of Love


Till Death Do Us Trope

One More Trope

Unexpected Claim

Runaway Mail Order Bride

Thankful for Her

Home for Christmas

Double the Ache

Keeping Her Warm

Be Mine or Else

Taking Her Turn


Wrapped in My Wife


Giving Her My Baby

Virgin in the City

King’s Innocent Bride

Pretty Girl

Built For Her

Protecting Freedom

His Paradise

Her Paradise



The Whole Package

Labor of Love

Marriage Material


Mated to the Reaper


Hungry For More

Naughty or Nice

Ringing in the New Year

Christmas Vows

Forever Winter


Locked Up Love

Virgin Husband

Virgin Wife

Pretty Virgin


Kissing Her

Too Hard

Too Many

His Hostage

Wedding Cake Crasher

Sweet Enough to Eat


Not Yet

Taking What’s Owned

Taking What’s Envied


Innocence’s Series Bundle

  • Owning Her Innocence
  • Innocent Getaway
  • Innocent Christmas

Virgin Blood Bundle

  • Bitten by the Beast
  • Bitten by the King
  • Bitten by the Virgin
  • Twice Bitten

Buy Me Bundle

  • Buy Me 1 (The Cortez brothers)
  • Buy Me 2 (Charles & Mandy)
  • His First and Only
  • Buy Me 3 (Peaches & Antonio “Don”)
  • Buy Me 4 (Samantha and Leo)

Taking The Fall – Complete Series

  • Taking the Fall – Cherry & Carter
  • Falling In – Saint and Jeanette
  • Fall Into Place – *two stories* Mary and Anthony / Samuel and Nika
  • The Final Fall – Viktor and London

Forced Bundle 1

  • Taking What’s Mine
  • Taking What’s Ours
  • Taking What’s Hers

Forced Bundle 2

  • Taking What’s His
  • Taking What’s Wicked
  • Taking What’s Naughty

Promises Bundle

  • Mr and Mrs
  • Blackmailing the Virgin
  • The Billionaire Castaway
  • Final Promise

Fairytale Shifters

  • Riding Red
  • Beauty Sleeps
  • The Lost Slipper
  • Finding Snow
  • Three Big Bad Wolves
  • Growling For More

Ghost Riders Bundle

  • Pulling Her Trigger
  • Beauty and the Biker
  • Letting Her Lead
  • Pulling His Trigger
  • Riding Him

Rebels Bundle

  • His Rebel
  • Her Rebel
  • Secret Rebel

Riley Kane Bundle

  • Dirty Uncle
  • Back River Quiver
  • Summer Camp Captive
  • Taken by the Russian
  • Now You’ve Done It

The Princesses

  • His Princess
  • Stolen Princess
  • Claimed Princess
  • Forbidden Princess
  • Unexpected Princess

Cowboys & Virgins Bundle

  • Branding the Virgin
  • Roping the Virgin
  • The Wanted Virgin
  • The Virgin Cowboy

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