Summer Time Sweets

We’re kicking off the summer with a bundle of our favorite beach reads! Four previously released classics from our backlist are now all in one click!

His Paradise, Protecting Freedom, Labor of Love, and Holding His Forever are the perfect books to indulge in while you’ve got your toes in the sand. Ignore everyone else and spend the day with us… We promise to always give you a happily ever after.

His Paradise

Liam Armstrong gets what he wants, but when a small island hotel turns down his offer to buy it, there’s a problem. Now he’s got to fly to the remote town, find the owner, and close this deal. That’s the plan…until he meets the woman who changes everything.

Nicole has spent her whole life on the island, and now that her grandparents have passed she’s running the Mermaid alone. She’s out of options and money with a forced sale approaching. But one night at the local dive bar, suddenly all her worries are swept away.

Protecting Freedom

Honor is the president’s daughter and she’s expected to behave a certain way. She’s spent her whole life living by the rules… until the newest member of the Secret Service shows up.

Washington has done his best to watch her and keep his hands and his dirty thoughts to himself. But it’s her eighteenth birthday and he’s been left in charge of guarding her. How closely can he watch her body without giving in to his urges? Not long.

Labor of Love

Lucy is at the end of her rope, and the only thing she knows to do is run away. The only problem is when she gets behind the wheel she has no clue what to do. After an accident wipes out her memory she finds herself saved by someone unexpected.

Orlando is just trying to live a quiet life alone and away from the world. Until one day she comes into his life and turns it upside down. He’s never lied like this before, but he can’t let her slip away.

Holding His Forever

Derek aka Phoenix is a New York City firefighter and has dedicated his life to saving people. When he loses two of his men in the line of duty, he doesn’t know if he’ll be able to see the light again. However, when an angel in the form of a woman named Fia appears before him, his world as he knows it is turned upside down.

Fia has been working hard to make money so she can finish her last semester of school. A fire in her building sets her back to square one, but the fireman who saves her turns out to be more than she ever expected. Once he gets his arms around her, there’s no letting go. Because when you’ve got your forever in your arms, nothing else matters.

Warning: These stories have been previously released, but if you want to pretend it’s your first time, we’ll play along. Grab your sunscreen and a towel. It’s about to get wet!


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