International Women’s Day

It’s International Women’s Day, so to honor it we’ve chosen a few of our favorite women authors!

These women have inspired us with their books, their encouraging words, or just by being awesome. We appreciate all the women in this industry and are proud to be a part of something so positive for females. Thank you to everyone who loves our books, and for allowing us to live our dreams each day. We hope that by encouraging the women around us, it will enable all of us to be lifted.

Celebrate the day with a good book written by women we love!

She Persisted by Chelsea Clinton

This children’s book is filled with 13 influential women in the United States that paved the way for women of today. It’s perfect for kids to understand huge victories for women while not being overly wordy… also pictures!! I actually got choked up at the end reading this book to my daughters and imagining how women of today will pave even greater paths for them. A great read for any parent and child.

Also… I grabbed he newest one She Persisted Around the World which includes 13 influential women from all over the globe!

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