Fairy Tales are Forever

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We’ve taken all our love for Fairy Tales and twisted them into our favorite tropes! In this bundle you’ll find the complete series including Princely Agreement, Towering Contract, Sleepless Pact, and the BRAND NEW story Beastly Deal.

Warning: Fairy tales are forever so grab your pajamas and get ready for the best kind of bedtime story. We’ve given these classic tales our own sprinkle of love and can’t wait for you to roll around in them.

Princely Agreement

Ella Cinder lost her father and now the step mother she adored can’t remember her. After being locked away by her wicked step brothers, a chance meeting with a Prince changes everything.

As the head of his family Leo Prince must do his duty and take a bride. What he doesn’t expect is to take one look at the beautiful stranger and give up all his responsibilities.

Towering Contract

Zelly Prince has given up on finding her happily ever after. When the only man she’s ever loved breaks her heart, she’s shocked when fate decides to throw her into his arms once more.

Flynn Evermore has waited around long enough and it’s time to put his plan into action. Now all he has to do is convince the woman that hates him to be his bride. Locking her in a tower might do the trick but he’s got a better idea to get her to open up.

Sleepless Pact

Audrey Rose wakes from a coma to find that she’s engaged to a stranger. Deciding that being married to someone she doesn’t know is better than the life she left behind, she agrees to go along with the lie. It doesn’t hurt that his touch sends a shiver down her spine.

Finley Howard takes one look at the sleeping beauty and knows there’s no way he’s living without her. Thankfully when he lays his claim she seems to be in total agreement. Although he should be suspicious he’s too busy trying to get her back into bed.

Beastly Deal

Anabelle Winter wakes up in the hospital with no memory of how she got there, let alone the giant brooding man who claims to be her husband. How can she trust him when her head tells her no… but her body says yes, yes, yes.

Damien Shadow made a deal and Anabelle belongs to him. Now that she’s lost her memories it’s a race against the clock to claim her before she remembers just what a beast he is.

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