He’s All In

After Kelly’s fake engagement ends, she’s back to square one on finding a way out for her and her brother Marco. Her father’s a notorious crime boss and it’s not like they can just walk away. No matter how much the handsome private detective tries to convince her it’s a possibility. He wants to hide her and keep her safe, but she can’t trust him. Can she?

Luke knew the moment he saw Kelly that he had to have her. It didn’t matter that she was engaged to his client’s son. She wasn’t meant to be in anyone’s arms but his own, and he was going to do whatever it took to get her there. He never predicted the trouble she was in and what he would have to do to set her free. But it’s too late for Kelly because he’s all in.

Warning: The house always wins in the Love is a Gamble series! Danger, kidnapping, and a happily ever after? We’ll take those odds!

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