Home Town Hero

Juno Folke stands out in Pink Springs, but that hasn’t stopped the whole town from falling in love with her. Well, everyone except the grouchy Sheriff Cooper Cross. Her best friend’s brother is off limits, but it’s not as if he’s knocking down her door. In such a small town, she can’t help but keep running into him. She just wishes he would stop haunting her fantasies.

Cooper Cross came back to take care of his little sister, but now that she’s moved to the big city and is getting married, it’s time for him to start living a life of his own. Pink Springs is his home and he never plans on leaving, even if the woman that’s driving him crazy hasn’t put down any roots. It’s a bad idea to get involved with someone that could cut and run at any moment, even if that same woman makes his body weak with need. He can’t cage something so wild and free, but could he convince her to stay a while?

Warning: Book 2 is even better than the one before! But you should absolutely read it and see for yourself! Can this perfect Hometown Hero find his match with the woman that can’t be tamed? You betcha!

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