Lovely Neighbor

Erin needs a place to hide out for a few days after her apartment gets broken into. But when she shows up at her grandmother’s and the spare room is under construction, she’s sent across the hall to the mysterious billionaire neighbor’s apartment. One night in luxury and she doesn’t want to leave.

Devin works like crazy and that takes him away from home far more than he likes. But after one business trip too many, he discovers someone has been in his house…in his bed. His sheets have never smelled so good and suddenly the empty space feels like home. Is there such a thing as love at first sight…without the sight?

Warning: This hot hero with a heart of gold is ready to rescue his damsel in distress. A knight in shining armor? You bet your happily ever after he is!

Of course I can be anything I wanna be... That's how delusions work. Smut Author & Daddy Aficionado.