Snowed in with Scrooge

Nyah and her baby sister Mina have run away from home only to find themselves in a worse situation. With their car stuck in a snowbank and the temperature dropping rapidly, Nyah’s worried that they may not make it through the night. Then when a good looking grump saves the day, she finds herself stuck with a Scrooge on Christmas.

Fraser has a good reason for hating the holidays and nothing is going to change his mind. At least that’s what he used to think. Then he stumbled on Nyah, a woman who needs him almost as much as he needs her. When he opens his home and his heart to the possibility of love, suddenly he’s seeing Christmas in a whole new light.

Warning: If you like your romances cozy, Christmas-y, and chock-full of spice then you’ve hit the jingle bell jackpot! Snuggle up and spend the holidays with us.

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