Stalking in a Winter Wonderland

Eve Tinsel loves everything about Christmas even though she doesn’t have anyone to celebrate it with. So instead of getting down about it, she throws herself into planning the best holiday parties ever! Too bad her new client Dasher Sleigh is barking orders like Scrooge…until they meet in person.

One look at Eve, and Dasher can’t stay away. He’s doing things that are a little crazy, but what choice does he have? Eve belongs to him, and to prove it, he’s stalking her every move.

Warning: Does Christmas cheer include hunting down the woman you love and claiming her? You bet your cute tinsel! Sip some cocoa and kick back for an over-the-top holiday read.

Of course I can be anything I wanna be... That's how delusions work. Smut Author & Daddy Aficionado.