Stealing the Dancer

Whitley has finally escaped her gilded cage, but she isn’t prepared for life on the outside. Working at a strip club seemed like a good idea, especially since they don’t ask a lot of questions. But one night a handsome stranger makes her an offer she can’t refuse, and things get complicated.

Mack’s been hired to find the daughter of one of the world’s most dangerous crime bosses. On paper it looks like an easy job, but when he finds Whitley, there’s no way he’s taking her home. Stealing her wasn’t the smartest idea he’s ever had, but letting her go isn’t an option.

Warning: Is kidnapping a love language? If so, these heroes are fluent! Pack a bag and stay a while because these guys aren’t letting you go anywhere.

Of course I can be anything I wanna be... That's how delusions work. Smut Author & Daddy Aficionado.