Forbidden Stranger

Noel is Tropings’ resident bookworm and can tell you exactly what romances you’ll love most. One day while she’s working at the library a mysterious stranger comes in, and it might just be her very own Happily Ever After.

Gabriel is in Troping to find the daughter his stepmother gave up for adoption. Noel doesn’t know he’s her stepbrother, but there’s an even bigger problem: for weeks he’s been pretending to be her book club bestie, and now that he’s fallen in love it’s time to come clean.

Warning: What do a librarian, a stranger, and a town full of Christmas cheer have in common? It’s the perfect holiday treat to cozy up with! Find out if these two can share secrets and still meet under the mistletoe.

Of course I can be anything I wanna be... That's how delusions work. Smut Author & Daddy Aficionado.