Stalking the Secret Baby

Carol makes dresses for a living, and the night before a big wedding she meets the man of her dreams. One passionate evening changes her life… Only it turns out the man of her dreams isn’t who he claimed to be. Off to Troping she runs with a secret she isn’t ready to share. 

Colden had the greatest night of his life with a woman he knew was the one. But when he comes back and finds his bed empty, his world falls apart. For months he’s been searching for her, and now he’s finally found her. 

Warning: Secrets can’t keep in Troping, especially with a hero determined to find the love that ran away. Mistaken identity? Secret baby? We’ve got the best of both worlds in this quick holiday love story!

Of course I can be anything I wanna be... That's how delusions work. Smut Author & Daddy Aficionado.